Muhammad Bayazid

Muhammad Bayazid is a Syrian filmmaker who studied film-making in a London film school and studied screenwriting at the BBC.
Bayazid is known for directing Mujaddidun, a reality show presented by Egyptian public figure Amr Khaled. He is also known for directing Maher Zain's latest music video "Muhammad (PBUH)".
He has also worked with many other artists, such as Syrian celebrity Yahya Hawwa.
Bayazid has directed many TV commercials, public service announcements, TV programs, and documentaries. He is also known for giving film-making courses around the world.
On April 4, 2011, Muhammad Bayazid received an honor award for the best film in the world for his creative short film at a film festival in New York, United States.
Bayazid directed Inspiration, a twelve-episode miniseries featuring Imam Omar Suleiman and Mohammed Zeyara. It discussed how the Islamic prophet Muhammad inspired a youth in his everyday struggles.
He was arrested by Syrian soldiers during the Syrian revolution.
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