Analogix Semiconductor develops analog and mixed-signal devices for digital media and communications interconnect applications. Analogix claims to be the first company to market HDMI receivers and transmitters with 25 m reach over low cost cable, Display Port transmitters and receivers, 6 Gbit/s SERDES, and a 10BASE-T PHY at 1000 meters. Analogix manufactures using a standard CMOS process.
In 2008, Analogix launched world's first ever discrete DisplayPort 1.1a Transmitter, ANX9805, in the market. In 2009, Analogix launched the first ever ultra-low power HDMI Transmitter, ANX7150, in the market. As a part of its CoolHD family of products, ANX7150 world's first ZERO power consuming, during normal operation, HDMI Transmitter device.
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