The Great Cull

The Great Cull refers to the culling of mankind. It was famously coined in the fictional book called The Table: The Great Cull by the Irish author Declan Welby.
As the world population is growing at an increased rate, the question of whether or not human overpopulation has occurred has come into the sphere of questions. A study by the World Wildlife Fund in 2014 found that it would take the equivalent of 1.5 Earths of biocapacity to meet humanity's current levels of consumption. Based on this study, Earth has exceeded its carrying capacity.
The Table: The Great Cull
The below extract gives a brief overview of The Table: The Great Cull:
"It is still unknown when mankind originated, but a ballpark of 200,000 years ago is a best guess. Around 1800, we hit a milestone; one billion people on our planet. At the very least, it took hundreds of thousands of years to get the first billion people on our planet. It now takes little more than ten years to add an additional billion. The full impact is unknown, but some obvious consequences are shortages of natural resources, an increase in the frequency of climate change, and the destruction of our current ecosystem. Hence, The Table (a group of world leaders hidden from public sight) view world overpopulation as a problem. In an attempt to take corrective action, The Table envisage several operations which result in an increased death toll, a decreased birth rate, and a prepared state for worst case scenarios. Throughout this story, the public view is also represented in the form of Sofia Wáng (KZ1 News reporter). Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for The Great Cull!"
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