Go Vilnius

Go Vilnius is the development agency of Vilnius, tasked with developing tourism and investment in the city. As of 2016, it had 34 employees. It was created in 2016 by expanding the charter of the Vilnius Tourism Information Centre.
Former Vilnius mayor Artūras Zuokas argued that Go Vilnius is completely unnecessary.
In July 2017, Vilnius mayor Remigijus Šimašius publicly fired Darius Udrys, the head of Go Vilnius, claiming weak performance. Udrys responded to the firing with a wrongful dismissal lawsuit, requesting moral damages due to the firing.
Go Vilnius projects and initiatives
* In November 2016, Go Vilnius unveiled "Vilnius Welcome Kit", a project aimed at attracting talent from abroad. "Vilnius Welcome Kit" consists of two informational booklets in English uploaded on Slideshare
* In December 2016, Go Vilnius included a famous mural of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin kissing in a presentation promoting Lithuania's capital. The idea was criticised.
* Distribution of 20 thousand copies of LGBT-friendly Vilnius city map.
* In July 2017, Go Vilnius promotional campaign on Facebook received extensive criticism. The tongue-in-cheek campaign critiqued Riga for its liveliness and large number of tourists and presented Vilnius as empty and lifeless due to closure of Vilnius Airport for runway repairs. Later, Kaunas city municipality made a promotional parody video of the Go Vilnius campaign.
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