Miltiades Varvounis

Miltiades Varvounis () is a Greek-Polish historian, author, and biographer noted for his publications on the history of Poland. He calls himself Graecorum et Polonorum filius (a son of Greeks and Poles).
Born in Athens, Greece, in 1980, Varvounis as a historian is attracted to the Romantic school of Historiography. He has published several books, including two books in English - a biography of John III Sobieski and Made in Poland: The Women and Men Who Changed the World, a work about the creativity and larger-than-life achievements of the Polish people.
His work Jan Sobieski: The King Who Saved Europe, the first book in English about John III Sobieski in many years, has educated many readers around the English-speaking world of this famous king, best known for winning the Battle of Vienna against the Ottoman forces commanded by Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa Pasha in 1683. Varvounis' biography of Sobieski has been included in a guide to the best books relating to the history of Poland, published in The Catholic World Report.
Apart from his work, Varvounis is also well known for his harsh criticism against Islam in some of his interviews in Polish and English.
Personal Life
Varvounis lives in Athens. He also spends some time in the Polish towns of  and Chojnice as well as in Kaunas, Lithuania.
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