Meli Melo Artists Alliance

Meli Melo Artists Alliance was a studio formed by a small group of Hong Kong-based architects and artists as a place for social and creative interaction after long work hours. In July 1999, MMAA opened its doors in Sheung Wan allowing professional and amateur photographers/artists from around the world to intermingle and share their ideas through art gallery openings and workshops. Artists such as Osana Movchan, Jessica Ling Findley, Derek Lam and Ulysses Chuang were invited to display their works of art.
The first ART JAM was held at the MMAA studio in March 2000. The idea was conceived as an organized gathering of adults for social relaxation while painting on canvas. The people would JAM on canvas similar to how musicians informally jam with instruments. There are no instructions on how to paint, unlike mainstream art courses.
There is a long history of painting, but not in groups in a non-class milieu. Whether it is the people, the fun or the music combined, the spontaneity and vivacity of the sessions became popular by word of mouth. By May 2001, CNN International films a feature on ART JAM for Inside Asia and Telecinco, a Spanish television station covers ART JAM in their program Nosolomusica aired August 2001.
MMAA is disbanded in July of the same year and is re-opened as Meli Melo Limited, better known as 'artjamming'.
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