Biman Bangladesh Flight 609

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Flight 609 was on routine domestic flight in December 22, 1997 from Bangladesh's capital city Dhaka to the northern city of Sylhet. The flight was operated by the Dutch made Fokker F28, which crashed onto a paddy field 5-6 kilometers from the foot of the runway at Osmani International Airport. There were no reported fatalities but the aircraft was damaged beyond repair, so it was written-off.
The aircraft used for flight 602 was a 16 year old Dutch built Fokker F28-4000. It was delivered to the airline on November 1981 under the registration S2-ACJ. The aircraft was powered by two turbofan engines.
The most likely cause for the crash is Controlled flight into terrain on the foggy night of 22nd December, as the aircraft began its final descend towards the runway it lost visual contact with lights and dropped below its assigned altitude. The poor lighting system at Osmani International Airport at the time of the accident also played a major role.
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