Bob Theil

Robert "Bob" Theil (born in Scotland, 2 October 1951) is a Scottish singer-songwriter and folk-rock musician.
Theil grew up in a farm near Brechin in the North East of Scotland. At the age of eight moved to a village called Marykirk. In the early 1970s moved to London, where he gradually began to build up his career as a musician.
Musical career
Bob Theil was very much influenced by the British folk revival in the 1970s: Al Stewart, Bert Jansch, Roy Harper, Michael Chapman and Richard Thompson. His voice, writing and guitar playing are an eclectic mix of folk and rock influences.
From his Debut "So Far" (1982) He developed a unique style of combining folk-rock songs with delicately personal tales and events from history. The unreleased second album (1984) wasn't released until 2016.
* "So Far" (1982), Private RGTL001.
* "Bridging the Silence" (1993), Koch International.
* "Playing it all for Laughs" (2003), Private RGTL002.
* "The Ghent Sessions" (2007), ALMAKARMA AKR.
* "Songs from the Margin" (2016), Strawberry Rain, SR019
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