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Mayfield Drive are a folk rock, indie and pop rock trio from Motherwell in North Lanarkshire, Scotland and Armadale in west lothian. The trio, formed in 2000; comprises of Bobby Knox (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Ryan Mathieson (percussion) and Mark Trodden (bass guitar and backing vocals). Mayfield Drive are releasing their new album titled "Headrush" early in 2009.


The band played their first show at a local community centre in Newarthill hosted by a youth music project, reeltime music. The band worked very closely with this community organisation performing shows around North Lanarkshire for 2 years performing events all over Scotland.

In 2003, Mayfield Drive went on tour, the diversité tour comprised of 2 weeks in Scotland and 2 weeks in France and was financed by a collaboration between North Lanarkshire Council and St-Denis council. The tour was widly publicised in Scotland and Paris and was a creative effort to bring the two towns coatbridge and st-denis together.

The band played in many scottish venus such as Jack Danials in Motherwell and Glasgows Barralands. in St-denis the most notable show was the main stage at the St-denis Festival. Other bands involved in the tour were , Poupon du Catcho and Dipso.

Mayfield Drive has had a strong presence in the Scotland music scene for many years, having spent alot of time performing covers at local bars and night clubs, this earned them the money to pay for equipment and recording time the band now showcases accross the UK playing their own material.


Mayfield Drive are in post production of their first album "Headrush" which is due to be released early 2009,
a new web site is due to be launched 01/12/2008 to market and sell the upcoming album, A DVD is being released in early 2009 with footage of the bands shows and events during 2008.

The band has now signed an sponsorship aggreement with Jägermeister which will help finance marketing and distrobution the upcoming releases.


*diversité (released in 2003)
*Headrush (to be released 2009)

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