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Patrick Allan Lew (born November 15, 1985 in San Francisco, California) is an American musician, Internet personality and artist. Lew is an Internet celebrity or personality who creates music as a solo rock band, recording and mainly promoting much of his work and recordings of his song ideas via Internet. reported currently as of January 2010 in stats, that Lew is the 134th most recognized musician under the Rock category in his local area.
Patrick Lew was born in San Francisco, to first generation Asian American parents from Taiwan and Hong Kong respectively. Lew started his music career playing learning guitar at a music store at age 13, and began playing in various garage bands as a hobby before taking music seriously, when he formed his high school band Silent Minister. Which as a teenager, played various shows locally in their region. His high school band Silent Minister disbanded in 2005, and later evolved into Band of Asians, when Lew was attending City College of San Francisco. Eventually, recording an independently released album titled Revenge. Which was released in 2006 on Lew's 21st birthday through CDBaby. Lew's musical influences vary, although Lew is apparently heavily influenced by Grunge, with Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Silverchair as key influences as referenced by him about his musical influences on his website. Other notable influences for his style and repertoire consist of pop punk bands Green Day and glam metal acts such as Motley Crue.
Lew's music has been described by Allmusic critic Thom Jurek, as, "is songs comment on the status of the world he experiences, although not necessarily sees. As such, this is emotion-based music. He's listened to his record collection, especially the Fall and late '70s British punk. His songs are about rage -- cultural, individual, political, and sexual." Jurek also stated, "But there's more than just venting here. Lew's guitar playing -- primitive and rustily razored as it is -- is completely and utterly compelling." Lew, also often promotes his music consistently via Internet, and to some degree is somewhat of an Internet celebrity. And also, his videos have garnered moderate views and attention on YouTube. Outside of filmed videos of himself performing songs he written on his YouTube profile and account, there are a few video blogs posted on Lew's page.
Currently, Lew is making music independently in his region individually, following Band of Asians split. He currently lives in Antioch, California with family and is attending college at CSU East Bay. As of October 30, 2009, Lew is currently engaged to a long-time female friend named Faith Tanner, who also plays a supportive role in a secondary alternative rock band outside of Lew's solo work called Your Audio 2 Riot, formerly known as East Bay Rascals.. From March 20, 2010 until March 27, 2010, Lew will be touring and rehearsing in Lubbock, Texas with Your Audio 2 Riot, where his fiancee Faith Tanner currently resides.
Recently in March 2010, Lew is participating actively online with fan or artist votes for his music to secure a spot to perform at Vans Warped Tour 2010 in Mountain View, California on a music industry sponsored contest website with himself and his fiancee Faith Tanner's side project Your Audio 2 Riot. Lew will also be acting a "to be announced" role in his University's school theater production at CSU East Bay for a student produced performance of Hari-Kari City in Spring 2010.
Internet Celebrity History
Lew began promoting his music and recorded songwriting ideas on the Internet as early as 2001, and has played in two local San Francisco garage bands, Silent Minister and Band of Asians. His musical background and history mainly consisted of recording and playing guitar, bass and writing his own songs and singing in his former projects. And posting them through websites via Internet. Many of Lew's song ideas were viewed as unconventional or amateur-ish, early on in the years when he began promoting his home-made tracks online. Although,
Lew or his former bands had played shows locally at some point. However, much of his or former band's live events were poorly attended, taking place at small bars and venues. Much of the musical notability in Lew came mainly through DIY promotion in his hometown and, constantly posting his music on the Internet for the website's audience or listeners to hear. As of 2010, his Soundclick personal profile and music pages associated with it, has generated currently over 110,000 views since he first signed up to promote his music online on their website, in August 2005. More recently, Lew has been active sporadically in creating YouTube amateurly produced videos of himself, performing his own material when filmed on a digital camera. And has, done a few video blogs advertising his own music and other subjects or topics. All of Lew's music is mainly recorded at home on his musical equipment and computer, before finalized tracks are published online or sent to various independent musician resources, with the exception of Revenge with his former project, Band of Asians, which was actually recorded in a friend's local recording studio.
Other Projects
In the March 2008 issue of Recording Magazine, Lew was featured in the classified ads section promoting his former band, the Band of Asians, and their website. Aside from creating, performing and advertising independently produced Alternative Rock music, some of Patrick Lew's expertise as an Internet personality and celebrity consists of photography and writing blogs and stories of his recollections with his involvement in the culture, arts and recreation in the San Francisco Bay Area region. A lot of Lew's photography and writings are found exclusively on certain sections of his music websites and other related sources, which he has advertised his artwork and music on.
* ' (2001)
* Psychotic Love (2003)
* Revenge (2007)
* Curb Your Wild Life (2009)
* Let It Rise And Against (2010)
NOTE: All albums by Patrick Lew are self-released locally and via Internet.
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