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Sonny Moore is an electronic musician from Los Angeles, California, best known for his role as the ex-frontman for the post-hardcore band From First To Last. In late fall of 2007 he embarked on his very first tour as a solo artist, the Team Sleep Tour with Team Sleep, Strata, and Monster In The Machine. After recruiting a new band lineup, Moore toured North America on the Alternative Press Tour, supporting bands such as All Time Low and The Rocket Summer, and appeared on the cover of Alternative Press' annual '100 Band You Need To Know' issue. In June, 2008 Moore went into recording his debut album, tentatively titled Bells alongside producer Noah Shain, expected to be released fall 2008.
Childhood and early bands
Born on January 15, 1988 in Los Angeles, California, Moore was raised by two adoptive parents. After moving to San Francisco when he was two, Moore received his first guitar which he would write songs on throughout his childhood. At age twelve, Moore's family moved back to Los Angeles, where he started attending local concerts. Moore started a street punk band called The Riots when he was 13, along with with friends he met at these concerts. His second band, Hazel-rah, was more ambient rock.

From First To Last
At age 15, Moore contacted Matt Good of From First To Last about playing guitar for the band on their latest record. After flying out to Georgia, Moore was heard singing and was then made lead singer, with Good playing guitar. In June 2004, Epitaph Records released the band's debut full-length record, Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count.
After performing on several successful tours, such as the Vans Warped Tour and Dead By Dawn tour, they began recording their sophomore album, Heroine with producer Ross Robinson. The album was released in March 2006 on Capitol Records. With high record sales once again, the band found themselves part of many successful tours until Moore started suffering vocal problems, causing the band to resign from several tours. After going through a successful surgical procedure , Moore informed the band he would be permanently resigning to work on a solo career.

The band released a self-titled record the following year, this time with Good on vocals and guitar.
Solo Career
On February 27th, 2007 Moore announced he had left From First To Last to pursue a solo career. Later in Kerrang he would then state that the reason for his doing so was because he was unhappy. He then launched a MySpace page displaying three demos (Signal, Equinox, and Glow Worm). This led to Moore's first performance since his departure from From First To Last. On April 7, 2007, alongside harpist Carol Robbins, Moore played several original songs at a local art building. Clips of this performance could be viewed on Moore's Myspace.

After many months of releasing demos via Myspace, Moore played on the Team Sleep Tour with a full band (several members also playing the AP Tour with him). Moore made several demo CD's available on this tour, limited to about 30 per show. These CD's were tour exclusive, and were packaged in "baby blue envelopes", each with a unique drawing by Moore or bandmate.

In February 2008, Alternative Press Magazine announced the second annual AP Tour, with All Time Low, The Rocket Summer, The Matches, and Forever The Sickest Kids, as well as Sonny Moore. The tour started in Houston, Texas on March 14 and went through North America, ending in Cleveland, Ohio on May 2, with the majority of the shows being sold out. All bands playing the tour would be featured on the cover of Alternative Press Magazine's annual 100 Bands You Need To Know special, and would be interviewed on the Alternative Press Podcast. During this tour Moore's lineup consisted of Sean Friday on drums, Christopher Null on guitar, and Aaron Rothe on keyboard.

On May 17, 2008, Moore performed his first headlining set with 10 Echo, Dead Sara, and Endless Hallway. The show was held in Los Angeles, California at Knitting Factory.

Moore's debut album, Bells, is set to be released in the fall of 2008. The album will be produced by Noah Shain. On July 17, Moore posted a new song entitled Float It and a blog entry explaining the record's progress.

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