Bred 4 War

Bred 4 War is an American heavy metal band from Springfield, Missouri. Formed in 2016, the band just recently released their self-titled album and are set for a tour later this year. The band was formed from two earlier bands: Soldiers Of The Cross and Unashamed, both of which split up in early 2016. The band's members include Dan Streety (lead vocals), Jay Malott (bass guitar, vocals), Justin Roark (guitar, vocals) and Phil Roark (drums). Their style has often been compared to that of bands such as Hatebreed and Pantera.
Unashamed and Soldiers Of The Cross (2014-2016)
Before the formation of Bred 4 War, there existed two separate bands, neither having released an album during their lifetime.
Daniel Streety and Jay Malott were previously part of a band called Unashamed, with Nathan Tritch on guitar and Jeremy Spragg on drums. The band was originally going to be called Bleeding For Something Real, but the name was changed because the name was considered "too long". They started playing live in early 2015, with their first show being performed at the Outland Bar in Springfield, Missouri. Many of Bred 4 War's early material originated as Unashamed material, including the songs "Armor", "Least Of These", "Savior", "Bringing Him Back", and "Unspoken Plea". Other Unashamed songs were "My Scars", "False Prophet", "Steadfast", and "War Path". The band split up in early 2016 when guitarist Nathan Tritch decided to pursue a career as a preacher. Immediately afterwards, drummer Jeremy Spragg left the band for unknown reasons.
Unashamed released their songs "Least Of These" and "Unspoken Plea" on YouTube and ReverbNation before they broke up. The songs can still be accessed through these two sites.
The other two members, the Roark brothers, originated from a band called Soldiers Of The Cross which split up a few days after Unashamed. Currently the names of the vocalist and the bass guitarist are unknown. The band, like Unashamed, began playing live in 2015. Only two songs from Soldiers Of The Cross were later released by Bred 4 War: "Crucify" and "Alive". Other Soldiers Of The Cross songs were "Jesus Save", "Stonethrower", "Lion's Den" and "Lifecatcher". It is unknown why the band broke up, but four of their songs can still be found on ReverbNation.
Early days (2016-17)
Bred 4 War came into existence in March of 2016 and began performing after only a single practice session. They started with songs that were once associated with their two predecessors, including "Unspoken Plea", "Least Of These", "Armor", "Savior", "Alive", and "Crucify". These songs became drastically different from their earlier versions, due to the complete originality of the new band. The most notable series of changes involved the song "Unspoken Plea", which was eventually scrapped because the band was unsatisfied with its structure.
About a month or two after formation, the Unashamed song "Bringing Him Back" began its Bred 4 War debut. The song would not make it onto their self-titled EP, but it is currently planned for a future release. Very soon after "Bringing Him Back" was introduced, the band started performing a comedic song written by bassist Jay Malott titled "Awesome Sauce", which was a tribute to the fact that Chewbacca did not have a theme song in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. After about ten live perfomances, the song ceased to be played. No footage of its live performance exists.
Around October of 2016, the band began performing their first ever original song, "Bloodshed". The song was written entirely by Justin and Phil Roark, with the exception of the lyric "free today" being added by Daniel Streety for substance. It replaced "Savior" as the final song on their early setlist and is often deemed to be their heaviest song.
A worship song written by Justin and Phil Roark titled "Savior 2.0" was also sometimes played but is not planned for future release.
In early 2017, the band was voted as the "Overall Favorite" and "Favorite Metal Band" in the 417 area code in the entertainment magazine The Local. The band won with 947 votes and was the only Christian band in the polls.
Bred 4 War (2017-present)
In November 2016, a producer named Ed Sandor offered the band to record their debut album free of charge. The band accepted and spent the following months working on the album, which was originally going to be called Crucify EP. It was officially announced in February of 2017 that their debut album would be released in Tulsa, Oklahoma on April 22, 2017 at the . The album would contain six tracks, including "Armor", "Alive", "Bloodshed", "Crucify", "Least Of These" and "Savior".
As promised, the band released their self-titled EP on the decided date. The album was sold for open donation and continues to be sold in that way. Lyrics for the songs can be found via their official band website.
There has been some insight as to their future LP, as well as some rumors that are currently impossible to prove. It is for certain that the song "Bringing Him Back" will be released on the album, as well as a recently written song titled "B.O.M.S. (Blood On My Sword)". Rumors also say that another song from Unashamed will be featured on the album, though which one is unknown.
Musical style and lyricism
The band's style is most often compared to the bands Pantera and Hatebreed, but is sometimes also compared to bands such as Korn, Mudvayne, and Disciple. The band does not like to classify their music in any one genre of metal, though they might be considered alternative metal or nu metal. On their official website, the band posted the following statement: "Giving way to the complex and melodic riffs of their predecessors, Bred 4 War shatters the mold of the common cookie cutter metal bands of today." Many would agree with this claim.
The band is set on defying the music industry by giving a positive message of hope and touching on topics that make most ignorant listeners uncomfortable, such as suicide, addiction, and complacency. Their mission is to use their music to not only inspire, but to glorify God in doing so.
Awards and nominations
In early 2017, the band was voted as the "Overall Favorite" and "Favorite Metal Band" in the 417 area code in the entertainment magazine The Local<ref name=":0" />. The band won with 947 votes and was the only Christian band in the polls.
• Daniel Streety - lead vocals, cowbell (2016-present)
• Justin Roark - guitar, backing vocals (2016-present)
• Jay Malott - bass, backing vocals (2016-present)
• Phil Roark - drums (2016-present)
• Bred 4 War (2017)
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