Lennon Midnight

Lennon Midnight is an American Industrial Metal band based out of Las Vegas, NV and was started in January of 2015. Band members include Lennon Midnight (Vocals, Production, Synthesis, Sequencing) and Klebert Graves (Guitar, Bass, Production).
Early efforts were generally based more on aggrotech and terror ebm. As the group drew closer to releasing their first album entitled "Fallacies & Other Disappointments" in 2016, their sound shifted to industrial metal. As of 2017, the band has started including more black metal elements in its music. The groups influences stem from acts such as Psyclon Nine, Dimmu Borgir, , Marilyn Manson, Dawn of Ashes, Cradle of Filth and Nine Inch Nails.
Fallacies & Other Disappointments
Members Klebert and Lennon first met in 2014. In January of 2015, both members began discussing ideas for writing music. Lennon had a long standing background in producing electronic music as well as DJing in the early 2000's and Klebert had played in quite a few extreme metal bands based in Las Vegas. Both members began the initial writing sessions for Fallacies in January 2015. The bands early sound was very aggrotech inspired with added guitar riffs. Over the course of late 2015 and mid 2016, the bands sound progressed rapidly into industrial metal. Final production on Fallacies wrapped up in Sept of 2016. The album was published by the bands own label "Deathclub Records" in digital and physical CD formats on Oct. 6th, 2016. Fallacies met to very warm reviews in the industrial and metal scenes alike. The lead singles "Unholy" and "Russia" received frequent radio air play via internet radio stations as well as local Las Vegas station X1075.
The band began playing live shows around the Las Vegas area in May of 2016. Initial shows included opening for industrial music acts Tim Skold, God Module, Voicecoil, Dismantled and Nero Bellum.
Post Trauma
In November of 2016, the band began writing their follow up EP to Fallacies. Initial song ideas were started directly after the writing process on Fallacies ended in Summer of 2016. The first official single from the new EP entitled "Occultist" was privately released to internet radio stations, a few close fans and online reviewers for feedback. All were very positive and reviewers noted how the band progressed into its own sound, which is much heavier than the first albums overall feel. The band is currently finishing the new EP with an expected release date of late April 2017. "Occultist" was played live for the first time March, 18th 2017 when the band opened for Psyclon Nine during its 2017 West Coast tour starting in Las Vegas.
Band members
*Lennon Midnight - vocals, synth, programming, sequencing, mastering (2015-present)
*Klebert Graves - guitars, bass, synth, sequencing (2015-present)
Live Members
* Daniel Dazgic - drums, percussion (2016-current)
Studio albums
*Fallacies & Other Disappointments (October 2016)
*Post Trauma (April 2017)
*Lennon Midnight Demo EP (May 2016)
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