Deborah Cher

Deborah Cher is a singer-songwriter and writer whose first album, Partie pour chercher quek'chose de chaud (Looking for Something Hot) was released in 2008. She has sung on the sound tracks of many Québécois TV shows, including Rumeurs, Les Ex's, Temps Dur, and Un Homme Mort. In 2011, her single "Searching for the Light" was featured on the season finale of award winning drama La Galère. Deborah Cher has published science fiction and poetry in various journals.
Early life
Born in England, raised in the Netherlands and moving to Montreal, Canada at the age of nine, Deborah Cher grew up immersed in music, learning classical piano as a child. Her mother was an accomplished pianist and kept a variety of instruments in the family home, including a piano, guitar, saxophone and Irish flutes. Cher began writing songs and poems as a child, and in her teens learned guitar and joined her first bands, playing an eclectic mix of Jazz, funk, bluegrass, folk, electro and rock. Cher holds a BA in English literature and an MA in Middle East Studies.
Music career
Cher began her professional career at Dazmo Musique and PSD Musique, singing for popular Québécois TV shows. In 2008, producer Sari Dajani co-wrote several songs and arranged and produced her first album. Pierre Bertrand of Canadian rock band Beau Dommage wrote "Fille bohème" for the album. Mitsou Gélinas lent Cher a song from her repertoire and writer Jean-Francois Garneau translated Cher's English songs into French.
*Partie pour chercher quek' chose de chaud
*"Cinq heures du matin"
*"Fille bohème"
*"Searching for the Light"
*Les disques Musik2Musik
*PSD Musique
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