Patrick Hyslop

Patrick Hyslop is the Australian Greens candidate for the seat of Hasluck, Western Australia, in the 2016 Australian Federal Election.
Patrick states he grew up in the Perth Hills. He attended Murdoch University, where he studied and received a Bachelor of Arts. He was also selected as a high achieving student to study a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration.
Prior to his candidacy, Patrick states that he has worked for several years in the retail and hospitality industries. He then worked as a staffer/researcher for the a member of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly for several years. Most recently he has worked as a union representative for the Financial Services Union's Western Australian branch.
Patrick has expressed concern that climate change will harm the environment and people in Western Australia. He states that this will include a negative impact on Perth's water resources and increase the risk posed by bushfires. He also supports heavy investment in renewable energy, citing environmental and economic reasons.
He has expressed opposition to the China-Australia trade agreement, saying that it will compromise labour standards in Australia. He has also stated support for increased expenditure on education and reducing tax concessions to large businesses.
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