Rayge DeMarco

Raymond DeMarco (better known as stage name Rayge DeMarco) is an American alternative rock musician who is from Albany, New York.
Early Life and College (1970-1992)
Raymond DeMarco was born in Albany, NY and attended the Albany Academy for Boys until 1988. During high school, Raymond was featured as an extra in the films Ironweed and Heaven Help Us. He was also a model, and featured in the magazines "Fashion Denet," and in the Albany Times Union Newspaper. He then attended the University of Connecticut and played hockey their for four years. There, he played with former NHL player Todd Krygier.
Hockey Career (1992-1996)
After his college career, DeMarco then played for the Adirondack Red Wings from 1992-94,and the Atlanta Knights from 1994-96. DeMarco palyed with Chris Osgood in Addirondack. In Atlanta, he played with Brent Gretzky, Jason Ruff, and was coached by the first African American coach John Paris, Jr..
Andrew Adair and Solo Career (1997 - Present)
After DeMarco's hockey career, he worked on a musical album called "Purge" with Andrew Adair. Him and Andrew later in 1997 formed a band called "Trunkapeet" that only released one song called "Fear" which was featured Scarlet East Studios compilation album "Scallions." DeMarco continued to tour with Adair until 1998, but after didn't resume his music career until 2016. On September 24, 2016 under the name Rayge DeMarco he released his first solo single "Friday First." A music video on Vevo later was released for the video. Rayge has then been teasing on his Instagram for an upcoming album, and has set up a GoFundMe page. The album will be called "Friday First."
Personal Life
Raymond is married and has a son. DeMarco is currently principal of a lawn sprinkler company. DeMarco raced for the cycling team Rock Racing from 2011-15, and raced for R5 Ciclismo in 2016. He annually raced the 90 mile Air Force Association Cycling Classic race every year in Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia for Rock Racing until 2015.
* "Fear" (1997)
Solo Career
* "Friday First" (TBA)
* "Friday First" (Sept. 2016)
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