Beyond Bytes

Beyond Bytes, Inc., was a reseller of new computer equipment and provider of services and technology for businesses, located at 17331 East US 40 Highway, Suite 106, owned by Lorinda Weeks .
Beyond Bytes also sold used computer equipment, under the business name "After Bytes", with an entrance in the back Beyond Bytes suite.
Beyond Bytes sold equipment through its show room, and through the Internet, with Internet sales being managed by NetSales of Overland Park, KS. However, in May 2000, NetSales ceased providing services to Beyond Bytes, citing Beyond Bytes' low volume of Internet sales, which were approximately one per month, according to Dan Rolfe, general manager of Beyond Bytes.
In 1999/200?, After Bytes' inventory and entrance was moved to the front, and shared the same show room with Beyond Bytes.
In late 2001, Beyond Bytes, Inc. was dissolved , and Inteletech, Inc.(doing business as Beyond Bytes) was created.
In December 2002, Beyond Bytes publicly separated into two companies, with the new Beyond Bytes reselling equipment, and business services being sold under Inteletech, Inc.
From March 2002 through 2003, Beyond Bytes lost $76,175.63 to embezzlement by its bookkeeper, Kathleen M. Hayes.
On August 29, 2006, Inteletech d.b.a. Beyond Bytes was administratively dissolved by the state of Missouri for "Failure to file a correct and current annual report".
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