Real Big Birdie

<big>→Creation of the Game</big>
The mobile game Real Big Birdie was created by the company Real Big Studios, LLC. Published in June of 2017 in both the App Store and Google Play for free.
<big>→About Real Big Studios, LLC</big>
Real Big Studios, LLC was founded by co-owners, and brothers, Matthew and John Scammell.
The company is composed of a three man team.
* Matthew: Lead Software Programmer
* John: Lead Graphic Designer
* Kyle: Lead Manual Tester
<big>→Game Play</big>
The object of the game is to eat red kiwi birds to grow exponentially in size while avoiding the attacking green kiwi birds.
There are six different levels that vary in difficulty. The last level includes a boss fight with villain Jacque Weasley.
<big>→Where to Download</big>
<big>→Social Media</big>
Find us on Instagram - @RealBigStudios
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