Rabbi Rosen

Rabbi Rosen was a very famous Jewish Rabbi during the 16th century. He earned his Rabbinical status after studying for 12 years under Jacob Berab in Fez. His full name was Rabbi Ari S. Rosen. Unfortunately, records do not show what his middle name actually was, his drafts of countless prayers only show an initial. He wrote various Jewish prayers, including the rather famous Kiddush and Yedid Nefesh Friday night prayers.
Early life
Rabbi Rosen was a 3rd generation Rabbi born in 1533 in Lemberg. He was raised there until he was 18. Then, he went to Fez to study under Rabbi Jacob Berab.
Rabbi Rosen wrote Yedid Nefesh, as well as the Kiddish and other prayers. He was a very well known scholar and author.
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