Gedaliah Finkel

Gedalya Finkel () is an Orthodox Jewish rabbi and lecturer at the Mir yeshiva in Jerusalem, Israel. He is the younger brother of former Mir rosh yeshiva Rabbi Nosson Tzvi Finkel.
Early life and education
Gedalya Finkel was born in Chicago to Eliyahu Meir Finkel and his wife, Sara. Through his father's side, he was the great-grandson of Rabbi Nosson Tzvi Finkel, the "Alter" of Slabodka. He and his brother, Nosson Tzvi, grew up in a Modern Orthodox home and attended the Ida Crown Jewish Academy. Gedalya then learned in the Skokie yeshiva, where he developed a relationship with Rabbi Yaakov Perlow. He received a post-rabbinical scholarship from the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture to study at the Mir yeshiva in Jerusalem in 1975-1976.
Finkel has delivers a daily English-language Talmud shiur at the Mir yeshiva in Jerusalem for more than 35 years. Finkel is also on the faculty of Yeshivat Heichal Aryeh.
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