RingPlus (Ring+, R+) is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that runs on the Sprint Network. RingPlus provides low-cost and free cell phone plans subsidized by Ringback Tone Advertising.
RingPlus was founded in 2006. The current CEO is Karl Seelig. In a December 2015 report, RingPlus showed 44% monthly growth (880% for all of 2015,) but did not state the number of paid vs free enrollments.
RingPlus has twice cancelled free plans leading to a great outpour of anger with subscribers back in September 18, 2014, and November 14, 2016. RingPlus had offered customers ad-based free Sprint-based phone, text, and data service, but on September 18, 2014, and on November 14, 2016, RingPlus informed users it would be canceling multiple free plans effective immediately. Customers have indicated they have felt misinformed, and misled after spending hundreds of dollars, and abruptly told their services would be significantly downgraded and/or cancelled. Ringplus had made multiple assurances that their business model was profitable, and that they could easily offer the large allotments of minutes, text, and data they promised. Users on the company's support forums have expressed outrage that no warning was given considering the CEO, Karl Seelig, had indicated merely on October 27, 2016, that <s>their legacy plans would not be cancelled</s> there were no plans at that moment to cancel any more legacy plans following the cancelation of a small number a week earlier. RingPlus will be cancelling all free plans prior to the significantly reduced plans of November 20, 2016 by December 1, 2016.
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