Mobilespin is a mobile social networkand a mobile content site. Mobilespin aims to tap into the rapidly growing mobile market.
The website provides users with personalization tools and content for their mobile phones. In addition, the site provides a platform for members to connect
with friends and other community members via chat, text messaging and email feeds.
Mobilespin, Inc. was founded in August 2008 by Fred Khosropour and Maryam Najafi. Mobilespin is a Silicon Valley start-up with private funding.
The official launch of the website was announced on August 20, 2009.
According to data collected by Quantcast, mobilespin is on a rapid growth path and attracts mostly teen and college age groups. Mobilespin’s business model is based on advertising.
Mobilespin provides users with ringtone, image and mobile video content and tools. The website also provides users with a community platform to connect with friends and other community members via chat, text messaging, email feeds and a forum.
Like most social networking websites, the business model is based on advertising and therefore the above services are provided to members free of charge.
Mobilespin has partnered with leading advertising network partners such as Google, Yahoo, Adbrite and Clash Media.
The company has also partnered with Inlogic Software to offer mobile games and applications.
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