Fluc is a mobile social networking site that connects friends together and provides mobile content which can be used to pay your mobile phone bill in over 199 countries and over 700 operator networks. The content which is delivered to your mobile is relevant to your interests and location which provides an obvious incentive for users to join. Fluc also provides websites with an additional revenue stream by allowing them to create a network of users from their site, which they can then communicate with and also be targeted by content partners.


Fluc asks a user for their location and content preferences and then delivers content relevant to these characteristics with content partners. It provides a number of social features which allow users to communicate such as micro-blogging tools via SMS and also provides free global SMS.

Publisher websites and businesses are able to earn income by building a network of Fluc users from their website or business. The system is similar to the referral scheme of Google Products except the publisher builds a network of users with whom they can communicate. The publishers network can then be specifically targeted by Flucs content partners which will earn the publisher additional income. Fluc allows publishers to visualize this network by logging into their accounts.

*Get free mobile content relevant to your location and interests
*Use this content to credit your mobile bill
*Send free global SMS
*Communicate with friends via mobile phone
*Create a network of friends and earn income by referring them
*Send referrals to global users in 199 countries
*Become a publisher and earn income from referrals
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