Dark blues

Dark blues is an American music style that developed in the early 21st Century. Incorporating elements of blues, rock, jazz, folk and country, it differs from Americana, a genre with similar roots.
An acoustic guitar is usually at the core of the music, often playing blues style rhythm. Some may be exclusively guitar focused, whilst others may be faster paced and incorporate a drum kit and electric bass guitar. Songs with a slower pace often incorporate a piano or an organ, possibly a saxophone, and vocal whistling in place of a harmonica that folk music traditionally uses.
Whilst inspired by music that originally came out of rural American and African-American communities, dark blues is usually played by white American artists. Fan bases come from America, Britain, Europe and Australia, mainly appealing to urban whites.
Lyrics are often cynical and dark, frequently commenting on the effects war has on young men. Spiritual/religious questions may also be raised in certain songs.
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