Boruch Szlezinger

Boruch Szlezinger born Baruch Schlesinger (February 25, 1925 at Trzebinia) is a French Jew former prisoner of the Nazi camps, the Holocaust survivor where he lost great part of her family and the last survivor of the death marches.
Early Life
Baruch Schlesinger born into a Jewish family. He lives in Chrzanów from his birth until his deportation. He has a younger sister and an older brother.
World War II
September 1, 1939, World War II begins with the German invasion of Poland.
From the first day of the war, the Voivodeships undergoes the bombings and the first deaths were reported.
It is then aged 14 years and is, per all Jewish boys of his age, forced to wear yellow badge, add the suffix Israel to its name and also "works of general interest" type street sweeping, snow removal, maintenance of road works, etc..
We can immediately be witnessed summary executions in the streets. We are witnessing bullying against Jews such as shaving the beards of orthodox Jews, the prohibition against Jews to use their bicycles, the suppression of their radios, etc..
This situation will continue for two years.
His father will be deported in 1941 at Yohannesdorf camp. His older brother, him, fled to the east side of the "annexed" of Poland by the Soviets after the Soviet Germano pact signed a week before the start of the war.
Baruch Schleisinger Israel remains to 14 years the only - man - the house along with her younger sister and mother.
In 1942 he was permanently separated from his mother and sister that he had passed a few months earlier to save the first time of the Nazis. Like all females, they are sent to work in the nearby town, Chrzanow, before being deported to Auschwitz feet distant 18 km from here in 1943, where they will be exterminated on arrival.
Baruch was deported in 1942 to Blechhammer camp (Auschwitz) in Upper Silesia where, as a slave, he worked for the German company IG Farben.
It will be tattooed on his arrival and we no longer recognize when under the registration number 178605.
In December 1944, the Germans considered their company to exterminate the Jews is doomed to failure, and unwilling to leave any trace of their packages, organize Death March where it should advance in the snow and freezing weather, and without stopping day and night keeping deported extremely light, on pain of being killed on the field. He survives and this is what will lead to Buchenwald, a concentration camp Nazi Germany where he will remain until April 11, 1945, after undergoing new infamies and weighing more than 35 pounds.
While it is close to succumbing to the disease typhus, the Americans liberate Buchenwald and discovering the corpses that litter the ground by the thousands when they entered the camp.
Immigration to France
He decided to immigrate to France.
Sometimes, smuggled into France in early 1946.
In 1956 he became naturalized and his name become « Boruch Szlezinger ».
He finds his brother through a cousin.
Upon arrival, he worked hard in the workshops of confections and exercised on the business of the markets until the age of 69.
The name of his mother, his father's name and the name of his sister were burned to the ground in the Hall of Names of Yad Vashem, its initiative.
December 2, 2010, he gives his testimony Yiddish to Max Kohn for Special Broadcasting Service (SBS).
Private life
He married in 1954, became a father a few years later and grandfather of twins in 1996.
Awards and honors
* Grand Invalide de Guerre in Europe
* Déporté politique in France
Community Life
* Member of the association « Association of Children Chrzanow children » since its inception.
* Member of the Association « Memory 2000 » since 2010.
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