Kiran Nazish

Kiran Nazish is an award-winning journalist and former human rights and democracy activist. She was awarded the Daniel Pearl Fellowship in 2014 during which she worked for the New York Times and is a co-founder of the Coalition for Women in Journalism, a worldwide initiative that creates a peer-support network for female journalists. She has covered conflict and humanitarian issues from South Asia and the Middle East. She has reported from Pakistan, Nepal, India, Afghanistan, Turkish-Syrian border, Syria and Iraq. Her work has appeared in Al Jazeera. The New York Times,The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, The New Republic, Columbia Journalism Review and LaStampa,
Nazish has covered the siege of Kobanî, from the Turkish-Syrian border and later inside Kobani for Al Jazeera, La Stampa, The New Republic and Qantara. Her work covered the battle between ISIS/ISIL/ Islamic Islamic State and the Kurdish fighters, the Syrian refugee crises and the struggle of the Kurdish people inside Turkey.
Before her career as a freelance journalist covering conflict and human rights, Nazish worked several years in broadcast media in Pakistan. Nazish was a producer and director for mainstream Pakistani television channels including GEO TV, AAJ TV and ARY where she produced popular prime time infotainment programs for many years. Her career began with Pakistan's top English daily, DAWN Newspapers, where she joined as an intern in 1999 and continued working first as a contributor and then as sub-editor in Karachi. Her four years in print behind a desk ended, when she joined AAJ TV as a scriptwriter and soon assumed the position of an associate producer.
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