Archives elimination in Cameroon

We were made to understand that before the process of elimination is carried out, several procedures are to be taken into consideration.
When a governmental body needs to eliminate many records, the director of archives will have to write to the minister of the institution. This letter should include a list of all of the documents to be destroyed. Once this list has been approved, the Minister will forward it to the Ministry of Arts and Culture. The Minister of Arts and Culture will hand this document to the Director General of the National Archives who will evaluate the document in order to select which documents should be conserved and which should be eliminated. After the initial evaluation process, a date will be taken for a created committee to decide on the issue. This committee will be composed of the Producer of the document, the secretary general of the Ministry in question, the archive service Director, a Judge, a representative from the National Archives, a representative from the National Assembly and a representative from the Presidency. If the committee accepts the documents for elimination, we shall now proceed in the elimination process.
There is another procedure when only a few documents need to be eliminated. The Director of Archives will write a letter of appeal to the hierarchy demanding permission to proceed with the elimination procedure of these documents. The Minister tasks the Secretary General with evaluating the content of this document and if it is still important to the Ministry. If the documents in question are no longer of any importance, the Secretary General will report to the Minister who will grant permission for the Elimination procedure.
Marie-Anne Chabin, Le Management de l'archive, Paris, Hermès, 2000.
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