Alexa Young

Alexa Young is an American author.
Early Childhood and Education
Alexa was born and raised in Riverside, California which she jokingly refers to as the armpit of California. She grew up in an upper middle class family. Alexa and her family traveled very often with herself tagging along on business trips with her father. Alexa attended the best public schools in her town. For college she headed to La Jolla (where she based her first novel Frenemies in) and earned her bachelors degree in Literature/Writing from U.C San Diego.
Unable to think of what to use her degree in Alexa moved to Hollywood where she entered the music business working at Capitol Records. She soon became an assistant and later editor for the trade magazine HITS. After that she became editor for the discontinued teen magagzine JUMP. When JUMP ended she became editor for Shape and then freelanced for many national publications. Alexa than decided to try her hand at fiction writing and released her first novel in May 2008.
Personal Life
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