Peter Panton

Peter Panton (born 30 June 1944) is an English author and journalist.
Peter Panton is the author and originator of numerous bestselling publications that include language courses, children's books, magazines, videos, CD-ROMs and DVDs. He is considered one of the world's leading authorities on ELT partwork productions.
In 1977, he originated the English language partwork course originally called L'Inglese Per Tutti (English for Everyone) (96 units) for the Italian publishing giant DeAgostini. Over a million copies were sold worldwide, in numerous foreign language editions.
Panton renewed his association with DeAgostini to originate "French for Everyone" and "German for Everyone". These partwork language courses were also bestsellers.
Once again Panton came up with another brilliant idea; learn English through dialogues taken from classic English movies. This audio-lingual English language course, called "Top Level English" (24 partworks), was based on the scripts of movies such as: The Lady Killers, Kind Hearts and Coronets, I'm All Right Jack, [http://en. .org/wiki/The_Fallen_Idol_(film) Fallen Idol], Murder on the [http://en. .org/wiki/Murder_on_the_Orient_Express_(1974_film) Orient Express], to name but a few.
In March 1985, in the wake of his numerous editorial successes, Panton originated the world's fist audio-lingual magazine and called it Speak Up. Speak Up magazine is popular amongst students wishing to improve their knowledge of everyday English. The magazine is also published in Spain and Brazil.
At the ABA Bookfair in Las Vegas, Peter Panton had the pleasure of meeting Charles Schulz. This fortuitous meeting lead to the Panton originating the first English language partwork course based entirely on the Peanuts characters. Snoopy & Co. (20 partworks) was published by ' in 1997 in reprinted in 1998.
In 1999 The English Movie Collection was published in numerous countries. Another first for Panton. Full length movies such as [http://en. .org/wiki/The_Fugitive_(1993_film) The Fugitive], [http://en. .org/wiki/The_Last_of_the_Mohicans_(1992_film) The Last of the Mohicans], and dozens of other blockbuster films were sold at newsstands together with complete scripts and DVDs.
Panton worked as a consultant for the Walt Disney Company on the initial stages of the highly successful Disney's Magic English language partwork project. Panton went on to create Walt Disney's very first dictionary of the spoken word, Disney's English Talking Dictionary. Dozens of co-editions were published. The Arabic version, published in Saudi Arabia, was extremely successful. Panton also created "Disney's Pocket English" phrase book, which became a number one bestseller.
New technologies have stimulated Panton to bring out language courses on CD-Rom, DVD, iPod and the Internet. INSTANT ENGLISH, DEUTSCH SOFORT and FRANÇAIS INSTANTANÉ were instant successes.
In 2010 Anaconda Verlag in Cologne, Germany published You'll Soon Get the Hang of It.
This is a unique and amusing book for those who wish to increase their knowledge of idiomatic, proverbial and general colloquial expressions in 5 languages.
Over the years, Panton has held umpteen conferences in Italy and abroad and has interviewed numerous celebrities. He is a charter member of the Milan Monforte Rotary Club and is a recipient of the prestigious Paul Harris Fellowship Award. He was the Chairman of the International Committee of the Rotary Club for District 2040 in 2001/2002. Panton founded ['s first all English language bookshop Panton's English Bookshop in 1978.
Luisa Gerli, Panton's Italian wife was born in Como, Italy. Terence (b.1969), the Panton's eldest son, is the Managing Partner of the [ office of ', one of the world's leading estate agents for high-quality residential and commercial properties, on the island of Palma de Mallorca. Terence's younger brother, Albert Trevor (b. 1970), is a major player in the Balearic property market as well.Panton has two sisters. Patricia (b. 1936) is a prominent figure in the world of opera and Lynette (b.1940) is a landowner on the French Riviera.
Peter Panton's great uncle Sir Philip Noel Panton (1877-1955), was educated at Harrow School. At school with him were two great national figures... Winston Churchill and Leopold Stennett Amery. Sir Philip qualified with the Cambridge University M.D. degee in 1903. He became an eminent clinical pathologist Panton-Valentine leukocidin to The London Hospital and was a Louis Jenner research scholar in Pathology at St. Thomas's Hospital. He worked at the Ministry of Health from 1939 to 1949. Peter Panton's great grandmother, Sir Philip's mother Jane Ellen Panton, was a professional interior decorator to the upper middle class, a profession which had not really existed before the Victorian era. She was the daughter of William Powell Frith RA, regarded as the pre-eminently "Victorian" artist (1819-1909).
Further list of Panton publications:
1. The Panton Book of Pungent Proverbs (Marcel Didier - Québec)
2. Kiddy English 4 CD.Roms
3. Honoré De Balzac, Stendhal, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Guy De Maupassant, James Joyce, Antoine De Saint-Exupéry etc. etc. (Oscar Mondadori).
4. Geronimo Stilton - Parlo Subito Inglese
5. Video Business 2000
6. Italian Folk Tales (2 volumes)
7. The John P. Boon Story
8. Yesplease Magazine, an exclusive luxury lifestyle magazine.
9. Speak English, Please
10. Metodo di Italiano Panton
11. Fast English
12. Sidney's Stories (3 volumes) published in English in 1981 by Granada Publishing and in Japan by Froebel-Kan
The Panton Interviews
* Ronald Biggs
* Leo Buscaglia
* Arthur Clarke
* Kirk Douglas
* Robert Mitchum
* Wilbur Smith
* Tina Turner
* Tom Wolfe
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