William N. Shepherd

William Norris Shepherd is a writer, journalist and radical economist. His articles appear regularly in Fourth World Review and in Rye’s Own and his e-books are published as cesc publications on the cesc website for discerning radicals. He is an Independent Scholar researching economic policy for the global justice movement and developing political strategy for the green movement. He is a UK citizen born in 1946 and brought up in Eltham on the London-Kent border.
William Shepherd was married to a Swedish microbiologist from 1969 to 1984 and has two children, Helena (35) and Nicholas John (32). From 1993 until her death in 2002 his partner was the Finnish artist Connie Lindqvist. From 1957 to 1963 he attended Christ's Hospital in Horsham, Sussex, the Bluecoat school founded by Edward VI in the City of London in 1553; read engineering at Churchill College, Cambridge University from 1965-68; business economics at Stockholm University in 1971/72 and 1998/99; and Development Economics at Uppsala University in Nairobi in 1973/74.
In the 1970s William Shepherd worked on World Bank feasibility studies for the international engineering consultancy Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners in Africa and the Middle East and taught business and finance at the University of East Africa at Nairobi before returning to the UK to Energy - a Long Wave Perspective, was published and papers on energy flows, energy needs, energy policy & energy strategy presented to the 1981 Convention of Eastern Economists in Philadelphia.
In the 1980s William Shepherd taught organisation and human scale economics in Boston; created a course for teachers on the Ecology of Learning; and founded the Human Scale Institute with Dr. Edgar Klugman, Professor of Early Childhood Education at Wheelock College and Anna Edey of Solviva Gardens on Martha's Vineyard. In 1989 William Shepherd authored a book on the future of European politics entitled [http://cesc.net/passagen/democracy/index.html The Rise & Fall of the Swedish Green Party (1982-1997)]. Other publications in the 1980s were Education for a Virtuous Society, Birmingham as Number One; Green Houses or Blue Moonwaves and The Canterbury Papers.
In the 1990s William Shepherd worked with the Stockholm-based media firm Cultura Communications scriptwriting and marketing English voiceovers to Swedish film makers; published The Cinque Ports Letter, a weekly broadsheet designed for web distribution; started up Academic Inn Books, a loose-knit confederation of writers & illustrators; created The Private Papers of Crocodile Uppsala, The Return of The Ancient Mariner; The Troubadour Papers, The Wealth of Villagers; and wrote articles and book reviews for Fourth World Review, a London-based journal with an unbroken 25-year record of principled opposition to European integration and the first to publish James Goldsmith's political writings.
At the 1997 Westminster elections William Shepherd stood as the and had the dubious distinction of watching New Labour's Environment Minister Michael Meacher amass more votes than all the other candidates put together. In 1998 he joined Miljöpartiet de Gröna, the Swedish Green Party. In 1999 he sought election to Miljöpartiet de Gröna’s 2000 Strasbourg Assembly list but was unsuccessful and enrolled at Stockholm University to read European economic history and Sustainable Development in the Baltic Region while carrying out graduate research into large organisations, privatisation and information technology firms at the Stockholm Business School. He returned to England in 1999 after publishing .
In the 2000s William Shepherd worked as managing partner for Cliff Edge Signalling Company (cesc); secretary of Academic Inn Books and managing director of William Franklin & Sons Limited. Publications in the 2000s include [http://cesc.net/adobeweb/cescweb/countywealth.pdf The Wealth of Counties (2001)]; [http://cesc.net/adobeweb/passagen/radcon.pdf The Radical Hansard (2002)], [http://cesc.net/adobeweb/aibweb/finepublishing.pdf The Art of Fine Publishing (2003)], [http://cesc.net/adobeweb/cescweb/pound.pdf The Politics of the English Pound (2004)]; [http://cesc.net/adobeweb/climateweb/shepherdonclimate.pdf England’s Climate & Energy Politics (2006)]; and [http://cesc.net/adobeweb/circleweb/annalindh.pdf The Unsolved Murder of Anna Lindh (2007)].
William Shepherd also works as a journeyman tenor with Ryesingers, Simply Opera and Winchelsea Singers. In the past 12 months he has played the roles of Samuel in Gilbert & Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance and Cyril in G & S's Princess Ida. In November 2007 he is taking the role of Gabriel Eisenstein in Johann Strauss' Die Fledermaus. His 30-foot gaffcutter Vemara is moored in Rye on the English Channel Coast.
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