Grape stomp lady

The Grape Stomp Lady is an Internet meme involving an incident with a television reporter at a vineyard. The incident was parodied on a 2008 episode of Family Guy.
In 1998, Melissa Sander, a reporter for Fox affiliate WAGA-TV in Atlanta, Georgia, was on assignment at Château Elan in Braselton, Georgia, for a wine making tour. The Château was offering a free weekend to the contestant who could produce the most juice from stomping on grapes.
Sander, engaged in a competition, waved her hands and abruptly said, "Stop!" and feigned a problem. She then jovially started stomping faster, as a way to produce more juice. Her foot slipped out of the grape bucket, and she fell off the raised platform and onto the ground below. With her microphone still on, Sander was heard howling in pain and saying, "ouch ouch oooh, stop stop, I can't breathe.". .
Media Attention
The clip was recreated on the Family Guy episode Tales of a Third Grade Nothing in November 2008.
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