Duncan Turner

Duncan Turner is a noted gynecologist and minimally invasive surgeon. He is currently the director of the Department of Gynecology at the De La Vina SurgiCenter in Santa Barbara, CA. He is a Licentiate and Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in London and a Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG). He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and a member of The Society of Elite Laparoscopic Surgeons. He published on laparoscopic surgery, laparoscopic hysterectomy, and omphalocele. He attended St. Thomas’ Hospital Medical School at London University, England, and currently makes his home and practices in Santa Barbara, CA.

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1. 14-04-2012 01:15
she misses me, but I don't peorsnd because I'm so frustrated with her. We have been friends for 13 years. When I first met her, she was on crutches. I guess that should have been a clue She is twenty-seven years old, and here is a list of what is wrong with her: fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, sciatic nerve pain, irritable bowel syndrome, ovarian cysts, hurt knee, hurt ankle, other hurt knee, you get the point. When she came to a party that I threw for my husband, people would ask her how she was. She let out this long dramatic sigh and said Hanging in there. People asked what was wrong, she said she didn't want to go into it. I feel like she did, or it would have been a simple Doing alright, you? I feel like she always needs have something wrong with her and it's to the point I can't take it anymore!! For example, she asked me to go to an orthopedic surgeon with her as extra set of ears. So I went and the doctor told her very clearly she would not need surgery. But then she posts on facebook No surgery ..for now. Not ever! She was just drawing it out, for what I don't know. She goes to the emergency department and actually plans for it. Saying I think I'll go after work, something hurts. That's when I have told her that if she could make it through work, she could make it until the next day to see her doctor or after hours care and that the emergency dept is not her 24 hour doctor's office. Mu husband and I have a young son, are in the process of buying a house, and are both practicing in our field from our college degrees. She told me that I am leaving her in the dust. I want to tell her that, if she wanted to, she could be where I am. But all she does is make things up that are wrong with her and holding her own self back. When I had my son, I went through very postpartum depression. And what did she do? She bailed on me! Because it was too much for her to handle. Yet I have been there for her through thick and thin. I found her a job when she needed one at my company (which she proceeded to be fired from, because she always called in sick, I missed a final exam in college because she attempted to commit suicide, etc. Yet when I needed her, she bailed. And I also find it frustrating that she told me a couple days ago that she really needed a friend right now because some close loved ones of hers had died. Those people? An acquaintance from seven years ago, a teacher at our high school who she never even had, and her boyfriends great great uncle whom she met once. She was all bent out of shape about them! Or I feel, pretending to be, because she again is causing drama and always needs some sort of negative attention on her. It has come to the point where she does nothing with her life. She hasn't held a job for more than a month for over 10 years, she doesn't go to school, she does nothing! Oh, except schedules about a dozen doctor appts every week. I'm at the point where I can't take it anymore! I need positive influences in my life. So my question is, do I let the friendship go and keep the fond memories? Or do I gently tell her my problems with our friendship, knowing it will hurt her, and try to work through it?That's the thing, she isn't really sick! She's just making stuff up to have all this negative attention on her.
2. 17-04-2012 04:05
Narcotic/Opioid pain medications make me uaoseuns/vomit. What could prevent that?Just recently, my boyfriend had his second knee surgery and he is taking Percocet for pain. This got me wondering what I would do if I was in his situation.Every type of pain medication I can remember taking (besides ibuprofen or acetaminophen) has made me incredibly uaoseuns and I end up vomiting. I had my wisdom teeth extracted and had either Percocet or Vicodin (I don't remember which). I was constantly dry heaving and uaoseuns to the point where I just stopped taking them and tried to deal with the pain. (This was not ordinary extraction pain, I had a dry socket at the time because my stitches got dislodged as the result of vomiting.) When I was 18 I had kidney stones and was given IV morphine and ended up vomiting non stop (I know I was given Zofran which obviously didn't help). Most recently, I had ovarian cysts and was given IV dilaudid. This is the experience I remember the most. I was given the dilaudid, which made me uaoseuns, so they gave me Zofran. It did absolute wonders for my nausea (entirely gone), but I was still vomiting. After my kidney stones, they offered me some sort of pain med (don't remember what) in addition to PO Zofran. Nothing worked and I continued to vomit. After my cysts, I just told them not to bother to write me a script, but they did anyway and I didn't even bother to fill it because at this point it's just not worth taking anything. And it doesn't matter if I take it with milk, on a full stomach, on an empty stomach, with crackers, with a meal, without food.So my main questions are:What would you suggest I do if I need pain medication for post-op or some other reason? At this point I feel I'd just rather deal with the pain because the nausea and vomiting is worse. It's just not worth it to try to find something that works and deal with the constant nausea/vomiting.Why is this happening to me? Do narcotics/opiates hate my body that much?

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