Cullenism is a religion based on the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. This series, which consists of four books, follows the adventures of The Cullen family and several other characters including Bella Swan. The Cullen family are a group of extremely attractive vampires and the film adaption of Twilight turned the series into reality for many fans. One of the two main characters of the story, Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattison in the film) captured many girls hearts from the moment the film hit the big screen. Not that girls weren't already in love with Edward from the books, but the film appears to have taken the attraction to the next level. The Cullenism religion is the belief that the books are so good that the Cullen family deserve to be worshipped and the books treated like a bible. A member of the Cullenism religion is known as a Cullenist.
The Beliefs of Cullenism
The members of Cullenism (Cullenists) have several beliefs that they think all Cullenist should believe:
1. Edward Cullen and the rest of his family are actually real.
2. Stephenie Meyer is the (or one of the) best author/s ever.
3. The Twilight series deserves to be worshipped.
4. If you're good in life, you will be blessed with eternity with the Cullen family but if you're bad in life then you'll be sent to James' cave.
5. Cullenist must visit the town of Forks in Washington where the books are based at least once in their lifetime.
6. The books should be treated like a bible, reading a little every day.
Controversial views
The introduction of Cullenism as a religion has got many people laughing at and criticising the idea. The majority of people on the internet, even twiight fans, seem to believe that this is taking the love of twilight too far. They insist that it is ridiculous to create a religion based on fictional characters and that Cullenism could even be dangerous as a cult set up over the internet. However, with the majority of members being teenage girls, that point does seem a little difficult to believe.
The thoughts of the Cullenists
The members of this new found religion insist that they are only doing this to show just how much they adore the Twilight series and the characters in them. They say that all of the beliefs are important to them, although some may mean more to some members than others. They also say that there is no limit to the beliefs of the Cullenism religion and as a welcoming and caring group of people they welcome any other beliefs twilight fans may suggest.
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