Cloud connection

Cloud Connection is an English rock band, formed in Essex, United Kingdom in 2006. The band, led by lead guitarist and founder Brad Charles, has gone through numerous line-up changes and controversies since their formation. The band has released 2 studio EPs and one live EP during their career.

Cloud Connection has sold an estimated 300 EP's worldwide including over 200 in the United Kingdom. The band's 2007 N/A label debut EP self titled Cloud Connection has sold in excess of 200 copies and their new EP titled Addicted is set to break original records. After over two years of work, the band is set to release their follow-up album in 2009.


Formation (2006-2007)

The group was formed in early 2006 by Brad Charles (Lead guitar) with Josh Bishop (vocals) and Jack Bilsborough (Drums). The band originally could not decide on the name of the band and therefore names like "Push back harder" and "The Fusion" and also "City Limits" were considered. The band finally decided on the name Cloud Connection. A short time later, before Cloud Connection even played any gigs, Tim Spence (Vocals) and Miles Russell (Bass) joined the band and Josh Bishop turned to Rhythm Guitar. The new line-up came together quickly, following this the band decided to play a few gigs in Essex including "The Y Club" and "The Hermit", the bands hometown. A year later the bassist Miles Russell quit and was replaced by Brad's close friend Toby King. Following this with disputes rising in the band Tim Spence left. The band played a few more gigs however soon after Jack Bilsborough and the Rhythm Guitarist Josh Bishop left the band.

The band, known as Cloud Connection, established its new fluid line up in 2008. James Maston (Rhythm Guitar), Kirsty Mcrae (Drums) and James Llewellyn (Vocals).

Cloud Connection, the EP

Cloud Connection released an EP in mid 2007 to keep the interest in the band alive while the band moved into the Studio. The 3 song EP Cloud Connection came out In Mid Summer and on first day record sales were 200 copies

The Record contained three original compositions: the rock anthem "Something's Burning", the heartbreaker "Crushed" and the Punk rock inspired "Times", all of which were co-written by Bilsborough on Lyrics and Charles on Music

Addicted, Cloud Connection (2008)

The band's second EP, Addicted was released on July 21, 2008. In the Uk, "Everything To Me" was issued as its first single. Initially, the album and single lingered for a few months without sale as the band held the cd's back until the big promotion, but when the cd's were finally released the EP was instantly available to download on Itunes which lead to rock and Indie fans taking notice and soon began purchasing the songs en masse.

Overseas, countries who had never heard of Cloud Connection before were treated to material that was now available on the Itunes world market. The original UK "Everything To Me" EP was backed with "Holding on to you" the bands heartthrob song and the tune"She seems to be addicted" (which was also done as a instrumental version).

The album artwork which was a Rachel Mead cover design (a picture of a duck smoking a cigarette) spawned impressive reactions for such an original idea and was gleaned from the song "She seems to be addicted". Although the song itself had nothing to do with the Album Artwork the idea was that the word Addicted in the Title would be an appropriate one to the Artwork.

"Holding on to you" was the album's second UK single written by Brad Charles. Due to the growing success of the band and the Solo appeal of the tune, the song received heavy airplay on both radio Myspace.

By the time "She seems to be addicted" reached the airwaves, the band's Gigging success and fame had catapulted the EP into high sales figures on Itunes. "Everything to me", "Crushed" and "Something’s Burning" were all high sellers in the UK.
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