Never Heard of It

Never Heard of It is an unsigned American pop punk band from Los Angeles, CA that has sold over 100,000 copies of their CDs all over the world, and has also booked and financed ten of their own U.S. tours as well as a couple of headlining tours of Japan, Mexico, and Europe. Shortly after their formation, the band started their own label entitled Unmotivated Records. They have self-released CDs such as ...Unmotivated, Moving On, Limited Edition, The New Sh*t, 11 Days, and the self-titled Never Heard of It, as well as their World Tour 2005 DVD.

Band history
Never Heard of It formed at South Hills High School in West Covina in 1998. The original line-up of the band consisted of Davin "D.J." Dell'Osa on vocals and guitar, Jeff Anenberg on guitar and vocals, Johnny Brittain on bass, and Derek Coryell on drums. The band began by playing covers of their favorite punk bands' songs in the respective members' garages. They released their first album of original material, ...Unmotivated the following year through their own Unmotivated Records. The album consisted of fast, pop-punky songs written about lesbians, classmates, friends, jocks, and girls. The band played shows in Southern California at parties and small venues, opening up for larger acts. In 2001, the EP Moving On was released. It contained more songs about lesbians, underage girls, and alcohol, but it also showcased the band's improved songwriting and musicianship. The EP also included three hidden, bonus tracks: "Del Taco," the infamous "Taco Song," and "I Had a Dream I Was a Gangster." Shortly after the release of the EP, drummer Derek Coryell left the band.

Limited Edition
In 2002, the band released their second album Limited Edition. The new lineup included drummer Chris Beltran, who replaced original drummer Derek Coryell after his departure, and shortly after releasing the first pressing they also added rhythm guitar player Nathan Mazur. The album increased their popularity and they toured extensively in support of it. There have been two versions of this album released. The first pressing included eight tracks plus the bonus track "Tequila" and the second included the new tracks "Where Am I?" and "Veronica." Three of the tracks, "No Regrets," "She's Over It," and "Waste of Time," were originally released on the Moving On E.P. and were re-recorded for the full-length album. "Build Me Up" was also re-recorded for this album. The original version, titled "Fill Me Up" can be found on the album ...Unmotivated. A low-budget music video was made for the track "Alone" and it can still be found on YouTube.

11 Days
After the release of Limited Edition and hundreds of miles traveled while on tour, Never Heard of It released a 4-song E.P. entitled The New Sh*t. All four songs were previously unreleased, although the song "Feb. 31st" was a significantly altered version of the song "Dream Come True" from the ...Unmotivated album. This E.P. was only available at the band's concerts and online. The E.P. featured original bassist Johnny Brittain, new rhythm guitarist Greg Lynch, and new drummer Elmo Jams. Brittain left the band before the E.P. was released but is credited in the liner notes. The band then acquired a new bass player, Rick Avery. Soon after, they recorded and released their third album, 11 Days. The band claims that the album only took 11 days to write, record, produce, and mix, hence the title. Three of the tracks from The New Sh*t were featured on the full-length, plus the songs "She's a Dick," an altered version of "Up All Night" from Limited Edition, and "Satisfied," a re-recorded and slightly altered version of the song of the same title from Limited Edition.

World Tour 2005
The band self-produced a documentary-style video, titled World Tour 2005, which chronicled their trek through Europe and Asia in the spring of 2005. The band hosted a DVD release show at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA on November 22, 2005. The DVD was available for purchase to all in attendance, and free red T-shirts that featured the text, "D.i.Y.F. - Do It Your F*cking Self," which has become a motto for the band, were given to all fans who wore homemade NHOI apparel.

Around September 2006, Rugan Lewis joined the band as full-time rhythm guitarist, replacing the former rhythm guitarist Greg Lynch.

Never Heard of It
The band's latest release, Never Heard of It, was written and recorded while the band members were living together in an apartment in Burbank, CA in 2006. The music has a slightly different style, including more ambiguous lyrics and keyboards in almost every song. Since the album's release, Rugan Lewis and Elmo Jams have left the band for personal reasons. Riche Zahniser was then added as full-time keyboard player.

Currently, the band seems to be on an indefinite hiatus. Though the band has not made an official statement saying so, they have not played any shows since March 2007, nor written any new material, nor updated any of their websites.

The song Finger On The Trigger is featured in Burnout Paradise.

Band Members
* Davin Dell'Osa - Vocals
* Jeff Anenberg - Guitar
* Rick Avery - Bass
* Riche Zahniser - Keyboards

Former Members
* Elmo Jams - Drums
* Nathan Mazur - Guitar
* Rugan Lewis - Guitar
* Johnny Brittain - Bass
* Derek Coryell - Drums
* Chris Beltran - Drums
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