BroadMap is a full-service GIS company based in Lebanon, New Hampshire. The company specializes in providing government, non-profit and commercial business partners with custom-fit, turnkey geospatial products and services.
BroadMap focuses its strategy on a three-pronged approach to the market. BroadMap developed and launched MapConnect Enterprise, a GIS platform for enterprise customers. This enterprise-focused product provides a base map platform that incorporates up-to-date census and postal boundaries.
MapConnect Broadband
BroadMap's MapConnect Clearinghouse methods and capabilities by addressing data currency, enhancing geocoding accuracy and automating conflation techniques that improve the speed-to-market of boundary changes and updates.
Company Office:
*Corporate Office: *Lebanon, New Hampshire
The company was founded in 2009 by Daniel Perrone.
BroadMap followed the developments of the Broadband Data Improvement Act (BDIA) and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act legislation. Initially, there were only a few companies with the expertise needed to meet the requirements detailed in the legislation; market leaders had experience in the demand-side of the solution, but outsourced the supply-side efforts.
After the purchase of Tele Atlas by TomTom, the company decided to focus primarily on navigation which has been used extensively for years for business geographics. BroadMap aims to fill the gap for enterprise-oriented mapping data as a platform for business.<ref name=fillsgap/>
BroadMap enables U.S. states and territories to fully deliver the detailed requirements of the BDIA.<ref nameConnectMaps/><ref namebroadbandroundtwo/>
BroadMap uses MapConnect<ref name=ConnectMaps/> to refer to its family of products.
MapConnect Enterprise is BroadMap's new flagship product and the centerpiece of BroadMap's MapConnect portfolio. Launched at the 2010 Esri International User Conference, MapConnect Enterprise is a GIS map data platform built especially for enterprise users and based upon industry-leading Navteq map data. MapConnect Enterprise enables rich map display and geocoding results in an enterprise data format, supporting third-party datasets, including census, postal, municipal, insurance and tax boundary data.<ref name=ConnectMaps/>
MapConnect Service Bureau<ref name=ConnectMaps/> helps businesses achieve established geospatial objectives. Typical MapConnect Service Bureau offerings include consulting, cartography and base map development, geocoding, mapping, custom boundary creation and data maintenance, feasibility studies and prototype/pilot development.
The MapConnect Solutions deliver virtual and on-premise solutions for geospatial and business challenges.
1 - MapConnect Clearinghouse<ref name=fillsgap/> - A program with four parts: Data File Catalog; Applications Catalog; Print-Ready Maps; Common Services. MapConnect Clearinghouse provides both public and secure-access portals. Common portal services incorporate a permissions-based user approach to include: read, contribute, edit, download, delete. The portal incorporates secure dialog/interaction services to enhance its utility (e.g., comment blog, remediation request and knowledgebase).
2 - MapConnect Broadband<ref name=ConnectMaps/> is industry focused. MapConnect Broadband delivers detailed street maps, digital elevation model data (DEM), postal codes and address information. Key Community Anchor Institutions such as schools, emergency responders, fire departments, health care providers, law enforcement and local governmental buildings are mapped and broadband data is collected. Telecommunications fiber and wireless network data and associated attributes are gathered, including cell towers and satellite and aerial imagery of assets.
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