Xombo is a multinational computer technology and consulting corporation headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA. Xombo is best known for its virtual machine web application acceleration technology, embedded web server & PHP platform for mobile devices, and brandable web services for business clients. Xombo provides web application consulting for medium-sized Fortune 1000 businesses, delivering a full range of interactive services. Notable clients include San Juan Pools and Hollywood Stock Exchange founder, Max Keiser. Historically, Xombo has provided services to customers in France, Canada, the USA, and the UK. Xombo aims for "carbon-neutral" hosting by locating servers in data centers locally owned by fiber optic project within the Columbia River valley. This gives Xombo the freedom to utilize 100% renewable, Hydro-Electric Power power for all server facilities. Rocky Reach Dam and Rock Island Dam provide all energy needs during uninterrupted electrical service. Wenatchee Business Journal described Xombo's efforts to reduce the carbon footprint and leverage local business and resources as "forward-thinking...a company using its resources contribute back to the community."
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