Vera Gioia Di Vivere

‘Vera Gioia Di Vivere’ is an Italian phrase, translated as “True Joy of Living”, where gioia di vivere (joie de vivre - French) , more commonly used, refers to ‘joy of living’; ‘joy of life’; ‘zest for life’.
The phrase is an adjectival noun , however, usually used in the form of a noun. Though the words itself is to describe the happiness (joy) of living, it has evolved to become a concept of an ideal life (noun) .
As a noun, ‘gioia di vivere’ expresses a way of life or the ultimate purpose in a person’s life. It is the principle that an individual lives by, giving him or her the satisfaction of a good and happy life. For example, some reveal that the freedom of travelling whenever they want, is their joy of living. Others use it in the context of an aspiration, where the stated characteristic of a particular lifestyle is deemed as their true joy of living. Time and financial freedom; fitness; travelling; charity are some long-term aspirations seeked by self-actualized individuals. Eg: “The Mediterranean diet brings us health and the joy of living, and also prevents excessive weight gain.”
In Popular Culture
‘The Joy of Living’ is a novel by Émile Zola. The story revolves around the character Pauline who moves to live in Chanteau, post losing his parents. Despite the resentment directed at him,Pauline holds onto his optimism and love to those around him. The story ends depicting how Pauline won the hearts of his relatives and the village because of his outlook of life: The Joy of Living.
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‘The Joy of Living’ is a painting by Henri Matisse of 1906. It is considered his most ambitious painting of his period Fauve. The work was exhibited at the salon de Independants in Paris.
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