Quemar Press

Quemar Press is an independent literary press founded in 2016 by Katharine Margot Toohey, who is the publisher, manager and founding editor.
Name, logo significance and founding principles
Quemar Press explain the name "Quemar' means 'to burn' in Spanish. In that language, it has the connotation of something luminous, deliberate and constant. Quemar Press believe the necessity of the books they publish is inextinguishable'. In light of this, the Quemar Press logo and mascot, Quemar Cat, holds a scintillant book. The book Quemar Cat holds represents both physical and digital books, as it appears tangible but floats in the air. This is to reflect Quemar's belief that print and digital books compliment each other, and do not need to be viewed as competing literary formats. The book in Quemar Press' logo is also held out to the reader by Quemar Cat, reflecting Quemar Press' belief that much content should be freely available, and they continue to make many of their digital titles available freely on the internet.
Quemar Press' founder, Katharine Margot Toohey, is a photographer, translator, and the daughter of Jennifer Maiden, appearing as an interlocutor and inspiration in many of Maiden's poems.
In 2016 Quemar digitally released Jennifer Maiden's Play With Knives trilogy and their edition of Maiden's poetry collection The Metronome (in a business agreement with Giramondo Publishing, who brought out a Giramondo paperback edition).
In 2017 Quemar digitally released a modern, photo-illustrated English translation of Montaigne's ideas (Truth in Discourse: Observations by Montaigne). In 2017 Quemar also scheduled the digital release of Jennifer Maiden's verse/prose novel Play With Knives: Four, Jennifer Maiden's upcoming poetry collection (Appalachian Fall: Poems About Poverty in Power), and Quemar's modern photo-illustrated English translation of the Medieval French Chantefable Aucassin and Nicolette. Quemar Press intend to begin publishing print books in late 2017 or early 2018.
Quemar Press in media
Quemar Press was discussed in Jason Steger's Bookmarks column across Fairfax Media publications such as The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and other publications such as The Guardian, and was also discussed in the Sydney Morning Herald by reviewer Geoff Page. Quemar Press' Play With Knives trilogy by Jennifer Maiden received a full analysis in the Literary Review 'Compulsive Reader'.
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