Restored Covenant Churches of God

Restored Covenant churches of God

The Restored covenant churches of God is a pentecostal apostolic organization founded by Bishop j-M Gilson-Levi.
The vision was and is to offer an help to the pastors and empaphise th gospel of the Lord jesus Christ.

doctrine: apostolic, baptising in the name of the lord Jesus-Christ

churches affiliated: over 3000 churches worldwide

head quarter: folkestone (England)

organisation member of the International Circle of Faith, bishop Gilson-Levi is presiding Europe.
part of the European Apostolic Union.

activities: broadcast: midnight hour ministry broadcasting on various channels.
since july on astra sat with a new television channel telyeshuavision and on the internet

the presider is also known for his mass miracles crusade around the world and for his intensive evangelism
presiding prelate:bishop J-M Gilson-Levi
European Presiding:Bishop M Mpassy
Italian Prediding: Bishop
Blegium luxembourg and holland presiding: Bishop conqueror efua
ivory coast: bishop robert abonin
congo bishop Charles
west indies: bishop Gorbadjan
USA: bishop Morris
germany switzerland: bishop J Kabeya
India: bishop C.Kumar

the Retored Covenant churches of God started with 2 churches in the year 2003, and spreaded around the globe within months today it is one of the biggest pentecostal organization.

Bishop J-M Gilson-Levi was born in Belgium the 20th. july 1964, he is married to prophetess denise Gilson-levi both are co-working in the gospel.
Bishop Gilson-levi was in the show business has a comedian for many years before to know about the gospel after his convertion he went to Bible college, than started to be a missionary for many years, he builded churches in France, Blegium, Italy, Congo, Switzerland and England

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