Valery Fedorenko

Valery Fedorenko (b. 1973) is a world champion kettlebell athlete, credited with helping to revive the popularity of kettlebell lifting in the United States.
Personal life
Fedorenko was born March 22, 1973 in Kyrgyzstan (USSR) and is of Russian descent. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1999.
Fedorenko is the the current 80kg World Record Holder (Biathlon/Jerk & Snatch) under the original International Rules with weigh-in conducted 2 hours before the start of competition, and the lowest hand score for Snatch added to Jerk for a total score. He is credited as the first man to Snatch 32kg 100 reps each hand within 10 minutes time. He holds a unique record of having gotten 3 Titles with only 1 performance (Junior Absolute Champion, Mens Champion 80kg and Coefficient Champion - 1993). He holds an unofficial World Record with a 1 Arm Jerk (only 1 Switch of hands) of the heavy kettlebell of 60kg/132lb with 56 total reps at the World Championships in Chicago in 2009. He also did 2006 reps one arm push press for the year 2006 at The Arnold with a 16kg kettlebell. He has the special designation of being the first 80kg World Champion (1993) in the history of the Sport of Kettlebell Lifting. Valery received his Master of Sport Rank at 17 years of age, then attained World Class Master of Sport Rank at 19 years of age (in both Biathlon and Long Cycle), and now Ranks among just the few "Honored Masters of Sport" in the entire world.
Introducing kettlebells in the U.S.
Fedorenko is most known for introducing kettlebells to the U.S., and bringing the first Russian kettlebell to the U.S. in 1999. He conducted the first ever Kettlebell demonstration in the U.S. in Brighton Beach/NYC (2000) and was the first Professional lifter to release their training methods to the personal trainers and general public, now popularly known as the "Fedorenko Method". Fedorenko is currently head coach for the American Kettlebell Club, and serves as chief advisor for the World Kettlebell Club, where he shares his knowledge and experience of kettlebell lifting with the fitness, strength and conditioning, and sports industries.
Among his other accomplishments is helping to bring America's first Master of Sport (Catherine Imes) and the first American Male Master of Sport (Marty Farrell), as well as the first American World Class Master of Sport (Kelly Moore) by way of his Coaching System. His most recent interest is in training Mixed Martial Artists of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, with his training protocols reaching fighters such as Dustin Hazelett, Mike Patt, Josh Burkman, Alberto Crane, and Jorge Rivera.
Current projects
Fedorenko is actively working with all the Kettlebell Federations and Organizations to enter Kettlebell Sport into the Olympics. He is also working with the United States Air Force (pictured here at Wright Patterson Air Force Base - Human Performance Lab, Dayton, Ohio) and United States Army to conduct official studies of the World Kettlebell Club's Fitness Protocols derived from his professional kettlebell lifting career. He is also working with Michael Stefano, author of The Firefighter's Workout Book (HarperCollins 2000). Fedorenko and Stefano, in a collaborative effort, are currently producing the First Responder Kettlebell Program on DVD.
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