Reader s

Reader_s (also known as: Reader, Reader_s.exe, readabook) is a malicious computer virus that is still spreading around the internet. Reader_s causes damage to system core files, causing BSOD. It also copies itself to the Registry Edit, A.K.A "regedit", so when Windows restarts, Reader_s is executed. Reader_s soon infects .EXE's once they're executed, the only way to remove the virus is by reinstalling the Windows OS and formatting the partition, and it is recommended not to save data, such as music, important folders, etc. If this is done, and if the fresh copy of Windows executes the old files, the Reader_s malware will soon copy itself into the new copy.
Reader_s spreads through modem, or router, infecting other computers connected to the network. If the person is lucky enough to make it through the process of getting a new computer and not getting infected the person is fine, Although the person shouldn't/wouldn't take ANY files from the infected computer and transfering it to the pc, It will cause massive damage, and the person running that computer will soon have to just give up, The details were also said as Pexplorer.exe.
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