Tesoro Entertainment

Tesoro Entertainment is an American multi-media production company founded by actress and singer Ashley Tesoro and her husband, businessman and producer Anthony Tesoro.



    * 2001- Tesoro Entertainment produced the award winning short-film Father directed and written by actor and film maker D. David Morin. It is a moving and compelling story about Lily; a photographer who discovers the truth about her inner beauty and self-worth after her father dies and she looks into her past. It is a Christian themed movie that has been shown in Churches and conferences around the United States. Father won the Damah Film Festival in Seattle for the Best Thirty Minute Film Award, ICVM's Gold Crown Award in Denver for Best Short FIlm, the 2006 Sabaoth International Film Festival in Milan, Italy for Best Short Drama, and was an Official Selection to the Long Beach International Film Festival.


    * Tesoro Entertainment also has a record label division, Tesoro Records.


    * IMDB Trivia for Father(2001)
    * 2nd Sabaoth International Film Festival Adam Awards 2006
    * 2001 Damah Film Festival

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