Church of the Militant Elvis Party

The Church of the Militant Elvis Party is a political party in the United Kingdom, based in Nottinghamshire. This party was founded in 2001 by "Lord Biro" to overthrow capitalism "for turning Elvis into a fat media joke". Their stated mission is to educate the workers through satirical poetry, art, songs and political campaigns. Lord Biro has stood at two general elections and three local council elections.

According to its 2004 accounts, the party had no members apart from its two officers - David Bishop/Lord Biro (Leader and Nominating Officer) and Mr Pickering (Treasurer), and also had no income or expenditure apart from its registration fee[1].

At the 2005 General Election the party fielded one candidate, leader David Bishop, standing at Erewash (UK Parliament constituency). He finished last with 116 votes.

Lord Biro, real name David Bishop, also contested the parliamentary constituency of Tatton in 1997 under the guise "Lord Byro against the scallywag tories".
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