Spatial hub

Using a similar model to the One Scotland Gazetteer, the Spatial Hub combines datasets from Scotland’s 32 local authorities and Scotland's two National Parks, to comprise national datasets for Scotland.
This includes datasets relating to planning, the built and natural environments and transportation and infrastructure.
The Spatial Hub is managed by the Improvement Service.
The Spatial Hub collects spatial data created by Scottish local authorities using a combination open source technologies, and established partnerships with Scottish Councils.
Data validation and publication
The collected data are processed, quality assessed, and amalgamated to national datasets using data processing and validation techniques.
The national datasets are published in established GIS formats including Web Feature Service (WFS) and Web Map Service (WMS) and are discoverable through the Scottish Spatial Data Infrastructure (SSDI) catalogue. Consequently, the datasets comply with INSPIRE, an EU Directive, that specifies that public sector organisations must publish relevant environmental spatial datasets along with information relating to the data (metadata).
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