Points per minute

Points Per Minute as used in Fantasy Sports
Points Per Minute is a calculation used in fantasy sports games to determine the work rate, in fantasy terms, of any given player.
The formula is relatively simple in its calculation and use:
x / y = PPM
Where X is the number of points for any given playing period and Y is the minutes played that same period.
It is important to note that most uses of the PPM calculation only take into account the minutes a player spends on the field or actively participating in the game or sport being played.
The PPM calculation is used by most NRL Fantasy Coaches and is now an inbuilt feature of Fantasy AFL (run by Fanhub). It has become one of the most important indicators of a players capability and success in fantasy terms.
Common usage
PPM has become a very consistent indicator used predominantly by Fantasy Sports related media. It is most commonly used to demonstrate the value of a player who may not have had a significant amount of game time, or is coming back from injury.
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