The Wellness Network

The Wellness Network is privately owned patient engagement company that aims to engage patients and supply them with credible medical information. The company owns a proprietary video channel that is established in over 2,000 hospitals and on over 300,000 screens across the United States that focuses on patient education and informative television channels. Rather than traditional advertising, The Wellness Network's channels exist solely for the purpose of assisting residents of hospitals and patients in hospital rooms with their diagnosis and the administration of live-saving medications such as proper insulin management.
The channels offered through The Wellness Network offer award-winning and original content that has been professionally endorsed. These education channels are primarily directed and marketed to the health-conscious consumer in the hospital room and at home with remote login for videos.
The Wellness Network is a subsidiary of Interactivation, a holding company owned by Joe Covey and Matthew Davidge. Interactivation is focused on acquiring and operating health and TV companies, and also owns Mag Rack.
In 2013, The Wellness Network acquired LOGICARE to utilize their systems in place to assist hospitals with patient-specific discharge management, emergency department information, and communication between the patient and their primary doctors through secure connections. LOGICARE, before their purchase, had patient management systems in over 200 hospitals used to integrate with the hospital's medical records electronically and provides a track-able education system.
In 2012, The Wellness Network purchased HealthStyle Press and uses their preexisting marketing distribution system of medical and educational booklets to assist potential clients with knowledge about their diagnosis and what to expect during their treatment. HealthStyle Press's booklets have also been used to support wellness strategies and medical prevention programs with guides to manage care for clients, hospitals, and public health.
The Wellness Network is a partner of the Joint Commission Resources Quality and Safety Network, a medical education program continually produced to assist healthcare professionals.
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