Andy Trudeau

Andrew "Andy" Trudeau is a fictional character on the WB television series Charmed. He is portrayed by T.W. King in the series, and portrayed by Chris Boyd in the unaired pilot.
Character's background
Andy Trudeau grew up next-door to the Halliwell sisters in San Francisco. As a child he was close to them all, and, as a result, Grams had to frequently wipe Andy's mind of any intentional or unintentional magic he might have witnessed in the Halliwell household. He married, and later divorced, sometime between his college years and before he returned to San Francisco, but he still remains on good terms with his ex-wife, Susan, who didn't drop his last name even after the divorce. Andy now works as an Inspector-the third generation in his family to do so-for the San Francisco Police Department
When the Halliwell sisters reunite and move back into the Manor after their Grams' death, Prue bumps into him at a hospital. Eventually, Andy discovers that all three sisters are witches, and that they are responsible for saving many people's lives. He finally learns to accept their powers, just as they did before him, and also because he realizes that they only use their powers to save innocent people, and that was why he became a cop. Yet despite the wedge of magic between him and Prue (he can choose to not be included in the magical world, but she can't), their feelings only continued to grow, to the point where Andy could hear Prue's cry of warning while she was in spirit form, and that he could communicate with her for the precious few moments before his spirit disappeared after being killed
When Rodriguez gets more and more riled by the pain his repeated death caused, he lost his temper. During the third time loop, he glared at Kit outside the manor with his red demon eyes, which was unfortunately witnessed by an instantly alarmed Andy, who was hiding out inside his car, watching over the Manor. He rushes to the Manor to help the sisters, but not before Rodriguez fires an energy ball aimed at Prue, who is tackled out of the way by Piper (which causes Prue to hit her head and fall unconscious) and barely avoided by Phoebe. The sisters barely have time to process the attack when Andy bursts into the house with a gun and attempts to kill Rodriguez. However, Rodriguez hits Andy with an energy ball, and sends him flying across the living room and into a glass display case, killing him. While she's unconscious, Andy's spirit comes to Prue. He tells her that he broke his promise to not come to the Manor and that Phoebe's premonition was not one she could stop because it was not meant to be stopped. Prue realizes what he's saying, but Andy tells her that it's okay. He says that he knows now this was destiny and that hers is to continue on. He reminds her of how she taught him that everything happens for a reason. Prue objects that it isn't fair, but Andy tells her she needs to go back and stop the time loop. Otherwise, Rodriguez will succeed in killing her and her sisters and that will mean he died for nothing. Prue tells Andy she doesn't want to lose him and Andy tells her that she won't and they share a final kiss. He tells Prue that he'll always be there for her and then vanishes. Moments later, Prue regains consciousness. She casts a spell to speed up time which breaks the time loop, thus defeating Tempus, and then deflects Rodriguez's energy ball after he throws one at them, killing him. The three sisters later attend Andy's funeral with Darryl, and Andy's name was cleared of the crime Rodriguez framed him for.
Andy was a series regular in the first season. He appeared in all 22 episodes of the season, although he was only seen as a child in That '70s Episode, and therefore not portrayed by King, but he was still credited.
When he appears as a little boy, adult Piper tells little Piper to freeze little Andy so that he will not follow them. Grams then unfreezes Andy and he tells her that little Piper has gone away with three strange women, whom Grams think are warlocks, not her granddaughters from the future.
When Phoebe and Paige are caught on tape using their powers on Season Six episode Crimes and Witch Demeanors, the sisters call a council of Demons and Elders who oversee all magic to convince them that Darryl should be set free. Instead, the prosecutor, Barbas, turns the proceedings around and puts the sisters on trial for recklessly abusing their powers. Barbas calls one of the Cleaners and then shows the scene of Andy's death.
In season seven, when Leo causes a disturbance in Utopia, the Avatars "kill" him by making him disappear, but Leo is able to warn Phoebe about Utopia not being what it's said to be and to go to the Book of Shadows and remember the pain of losing loved ones. When she touches the book, one of the flashbacks she sees is of Andy's death. That was his last mentioning and archive footage appearance on the show.
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