Lamin-x Protective Films

Lamin-x Protective Films was founded by CEO Christopher Wadle in 2002. Lamin-x Protective Films specializes in PVC film primarily for the automotive market, but also supplies film to a wide range of companies for industrial use. Lamin-x Protective Films acquired Canadian based Ricochet Protective Films in 2011.
Lamin-x is a plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film. It can withstand temperatures up to 200° and as low as -35°. Lamin-x film contains UV inhibitors that give it resistance to fading, cracking, and yellowing from exposure to UV rays. It is bonded to a specially formulated adhesive that is strong enough for secure adhesion to automotive lights and other non-porous surfaces, but can be removed with relative ease, without the need for adhesive dissolving agents.
Lamin-x is the brand name of a protective film manufactured by Lamin-x Protective Films. Its main application is in the automotive industry, where it is used to protect the headlights, fog lights, and tail lights of vehicles from damage. Also, it is used as a customization option since Lamin-x can be obtained in a variety of colors.
Lamin-x film is sold in bulk rolls, custom size sheets, and as precut kits that are made specifically for a vehicle's lights. It comes in several thicknesses: 12 mils, 20 mils, and 40 mils. It is available in five colors: blue, yellow, red, green, amber (orange), and four shades: clear, tint (light tint), gunsmoke (medium tint), and charcoal (dark tint).
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