The Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) is an actual light that appears specifically on the PlayStation Entertainment System. There are four lights that are built into the PlayStation; red, green, blue, yellow. Each light has its own purpose. The yellow light, however, has a unique purpose. It is programmed only to light up when the System is experiencing a technical problem. Once the yellow light appears, the system will not function until the issue is fixed.

Fixing the Issue
The are several ways to fix the system if the yellow light were to appear. For some people, the issue can be resolved by simply switching off the PlayStation (main power switch) and powering it back on again. Others, however, are not as lucky. In order to fix the problem, the system must be sent back to the manufacturer (Sony) for special repair. If the system is under warranty this process is free, otherwise there will be a transaction fee of $150 USD.

Other Lights
Other then the rare yellow light, the PlayStation system has a built in red, green, and blue light. The red light, when illuminated, shows that the system is currently on standby mode. The system can be turned on via the PS button (PS3 only), the power button (located directly on the system), or by remote control. Once the system has been turned on, the red light will turn off and a green light will display. Lastly, the blue light visually shows weather a disc is loaded in the tray. If the blue light is illuminated, than there is a disc already inside the system. Once the disc is ejected, the blue light will turn off.
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